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Basement Club was officially founded and started its activities in 2014. It is the new and innovative project promoted by the School of Economics, Management and Statistics and the Department of Management for all students and fresh graduates from the Campus of Forli.
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Basement Club has the goal to endorse entrepreneurship culture and allow young people to transform their ideas, interest and passions into possible entrepreneurial initiatives; offering services and activities like dedicated spaces, informal consulting, dedicated tutors, events and networking. So if you have a business idea or you are simply fascinated by entrepreneurship, Basement Club is the right place for you!


Following the successes so far, we have created office hours, which will be available to students and graduates.


The Office Hours are informal meetings between the Basement Club Team and the students interested to evaluate their own business project, to understand its potential and the realization possibility. So,


If you have an entrepreneurial idea of any kind,

If you want to test the skills acquired at the University,

If you need competent people to create a work team;

If you would like to become part of a team already formed or are you just curious ... then join the Basement Club!


You will have access to our services and activities, including: equipped spaces, counselling, dedicated mentors, matching teams, events and networking activities.


The best way to meet and get to know more is through the OFFICE HOURS, informal meetings between the Basement Club Team and students interested in the entrepreneurship world who want to to assess their own start-up ideas.


Through the Office Hours you can:


  • Develop your BUSINESS IDEA or those of other students, away from exams and    Ratings,
  • Know the main aspects of the STARTUP world,
  • Test your SKILLS and acquire new ones,
  • Meet other students to create a working TEAM,
  • Have a chance to get into INCUBATORS / start-up specialized ACCELERATORS.


The Office Hours are held in the office S10 of the basement of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics in Piazzale Della Vittoria 15, Forlì.


For more information, to request for our newsletter, and get to know all the news and events of the next few months, please write to


Do not miss this fantastic opportunity, it's time to build OUR work on what we like best!


Stay tuned,


Basement Club.


Published on: 14 April 2015