Information as to procedures, deadlines and documents necessary for students wishing to enrol on a School Degree Programme.

To enrol on a First-cycle or Second-Cycle Degree Programme one needs a minimal qualification and certain specific requisites. One must also complete a procedure consisting in: filling out the online registration application form, presenting a series of documents, and paying the enrolment fee.


When to enrol

Every Programme may have a different enrolment deadline, depending on the mechanism for assessing requisites. Look up the specific deadlines in the “Prospective Students” channel of the relevant Degree Programme website. If you choose a restricted-access degree programme, be sure to check the dates given in the Call for Applications at the relevant Campus.

Starting from academic year 2014/15, some schools are adopting a new method of admission to degree programmes with restricted access, based on the score obtained in the nationally recognised CISIA Online Test (TOLC).

Anyone interested in these programmes must first of all sit the TOLC and then register for one of the selections laid down in the call for admissions. You will not be required to sit any other tests, but a ranking list will be published that considers the TOLC score, weighted according to the criteria laid down in the call.

Remember to check the specific information well beforehand. This is published on your Programme website.