Forlì Campus

Forlì is a recently established campus with an innovative outlook, based on highly qualified staff chosen to guarantee the students get a complete grounding of economic, financial, legal and social knowledge.

Teaching is closely geared to liaison with business, international relations, public sector management, social and non-profit organization economics. The link with business is due to the roots the campus has put down in the surrounding territory, resulting in close interchange (seminars and internships) with local and international firms and feedback of information designed to launch graduates on the job market.                                                               

The campus’ effective international relations can be gauged from the number of student exchanges with foreign universities and the opportunities for taking double degrees that are valid abroad as well as in Italy.

One of the campus’ strong points is the variety and quality of the teaching staff and programme catalogue, not to mention the quality of services supporting undergraduate studies.


How to enroll in one of the degree courses of the School of Economics Management and Statistics - Forlì campus for the a.y. 2014/15

Undergraduate degree courses:

- Undergraduate degree course in "Economia e Commercio" - in Italian


Postgraduate degree courses:

- Postgraduate degree course in "Economia e Commercio"- in italian

- Postgraduate degree course in "Economics and Business Administration" - "Economia e Gestione Aziendale":

- Postgraduate degree course in "Management dell’Economia Sociale"