General Affairs Office - Bologna Campus

The General Affairs Office provides legal support to the activities of the School and ensures compliance of the procedures.

The Office is in charge of:

  • preparing the electoral paperwork for the School's Boards and Committees;
  • running the School Board's agenda, drafting Board's resolution documents and the Dean's decrees, sending such documents to the relevant offices.
  • calls for applications and recruiting of tutorships
  • calls for applications and recruiting of teachers
  • School's agreements and partnetships for teaching activities

The General Affairs Office also manages the temporary use of the School's premises by external bodies/associations for academic-related purposes.


Request for the temporary use of Piazza Scravilli premises/rooms:

Please send a written request to the General Affairs Office at least 15 days in advance. For further information, please refer to this link:

It is warmly suggested, though, to ask for an appointment for a wider explanation of the procedure.


Carmine Lambiase (Head of Office)
tel +39 051 20 98011
fax +39 051 20 86252

Alessandra Da Fré
tel +39 051 20 98010
fax +39 051 20 86250

Nadia Lotti
tel. 051-20 98219
fax +39 051 20 86252


School's Reception Desk

Piazza Scaravilli 2
Tel 051-2098001

Salvatore Borrelli
Grazia Menga
Mattia Notarangelo
Davia Pivanti


via Belle Arti, 41
tel. 051-2098180

Anna Cirillo