Getting to know the School

As of A.Y. 2012/2013, the Bologna University School of Economics, Management and Statistics coordinates teaching activities on the Study Programmes pertaining to it, activated according to the Departments' proposals.

The School of Economics, Management and Statistics offers students in these disciplines an ideal context in which to acquire a globally-oriented cultural and professional grounding. The School runs first-cycle Degree Programmes (Bachelor's Degrees) offering a sound methodological basis and rigorous training at the best international standards. The teaching approach is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. This enables students to acquire a wide range of transversal skills in the fields of economics, company management, statistics and finance. Teaching programmes are closely connected to the business world, thanks to a network involving over five hundred firms collaborating with the School and offering internships and placements.

The School also offers second-cycle degree programmes (Master's Degrees) and a range of Professional Masters allowing students to acquire in-depth skills in a wide range of sectors – management of cultural organizations, health economics and management, economics and law, tourism management, cooperation with non-profit organizations, financial and insurance analysis, management of international companies, and much more.

Internationalization is a watchword of the entire School curriculum. Students may opt for degree programmes taught in English, degree programmes releasing double or multiple degrees in partnership with foreign universities or degree programmes taught in Italian offering study, placement and research periods abroad thanks to a number of via international mobility agreements all over the world.

The School of Economics, Management and Statistics works on a Multi-Campus basis, with learning opportunities being shared between the Campuses of Bologna, Forlì and Rimini.