Joint Teachers-Students Committee

Each School has a Joint Teachers-Students Committee chaired by the Dean.

The Committee’s task is to monitor the School academic offer, the quality of teaching and the services available to students. It provides informed opinions on the activation/disactivation of a degree programme, as well as on any change that may occur in it. The Committee may also make proposals to the School Board on matters related to the teaching activities or the allocation of funds. The Committee annually drafts a report in which all of the degree programmes' self-assessment reports are taken into account.

The Committee includes the School Dean (or proxy) chairing and convening the Committee's meetings, the Vice-Deans of the Campuses, two full professors, two associate professors, two researchers. The number of academics equals that of the students (9 among those in the School Board).

Current members:

Dr. Emanuele Menegatti – Chairman (School Dean's delegate)



Dr. Paola Giuri – Vice-Dean of Rimini Campus

Dr. Massimo Spisni – Vice-Dean of Forlì Campus

Dr. Selena Aureli

Dr. Giovanni Battista Barillà

Dr. Monica Bartolini

Dr. Piero Plazzi

Dr. Enrico Santarelli

Dr. Gabriele Soffritti

Student representatives:

Francesca Basini

Valentina Capradossi

Pietro Dall'Ara

Luigi Frisoni

Nicolò Geri

Davide Masi

Matteo Perisutti

Cristina Re

Francesco Righetti