TOLC-E on-line test: how to...

Students intending to register for degree programmes with restricted access at the School have to sit the Cisia On-line Test (TOLC) at any university belonging to CISIA and register for one of the selections laid down in the calls for admission.

What is the TOLC?

The TOLC is a test which assesses your general level of learning.

To access the programmes run at the School you have to sit the TOLC-E.

Read the call for admission on the website of the programme you are interested in carefully, to find out all that you have to do to register for the selections, be included in the ranking list and, if you have been assigned a place, enrol in the programme.

You can register for the selection even before sitting the TOLC-E test, which must in any case be completed by midnight on the day prior to the deadline indicated in the call.

There are no other tests for these selections, and the ranking list is drawn up on the basis of the TOLC score.

Where and when can I sit the TOLC-E?

You can sit the TOLC-E at any university belonging to CISIA.

The University of Bologna organises the TOLC-E test at the places and on the dates indicate in the University of Bologna Portal website. See all dates.

Other universities offer other places and dates where you can sit the tests. The complete calendar of TOLC tests run at the University of Bologna and by other universities can be consulted in the relative pages on the Cisia website.

How do I register for the TOLC?

You must access the Cisia website, select ‘Test On Line Cisia TOLC’ and register for the TOLC-E, as indicated in the call for admission (that will be available soon) for the degree programmes run by the School.

It costs € 30 to register for the TOLC, you can pay by MAV or credit card.

I am a candidate with a disability or learning disorder, are any compensative measures envisaged for the test?

Candidates with disabilities or learning disorders can apply for any required support and/or additional time, according to their certified difficulties, compared to that specified for candidates generally, as well as any other measures necessary to ensure equal opportunities in the tests. Candidates with disabilities refers to: candidates who are blind or visually impaired (max. 10% sight in both eyes); candidates who are deaf from birth or prior to learning speech; candidates with civil invalidity of at least 66%; candidates with certified handicaps pursuant to Italian Law no. 104/92. Such conditions must be proven by specific medical certification issued by the competent health authorities. Candidates with learning disorders refers to: dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dysorthography, supported by specific clinical certification, issued no more than three years earlier by the National Health Service or other accredited facilities, where foreseen by the Regions. Candidates must report such certifications when registering on-line on the CISIA website and must contact the Services for Disabled and Dyslexic Students ( 0512095943) at least one week prior to the test, submitting the relative diagnosis and specifying their specific requirements for the test.

Are any specific TOLC-E dates set for non-EU students resident abroad?

The University of Bologna has set an additional date for TOLC tests (both TOLC – I and TOLC – E) for non-EU students resident abroad.

The test is reserved exclusively for non-EU students resident abroad who were not able to sit the other TOLC tests scheduled.

The test date will be communicated as soon as possible.

Degree Programmes run by the School that require the TOLC-E test:

Bologna Campus

Economia Aziendale (Business Administation)

Management e Marketing (Management and Marketing)

Economia, Mercati e Istituzioni (Economics, Markets and Institutions)

Scienze Statistiche (Statistical Sciences)

Forlì Campus

Economia e Commercio (Economics and Business)

Rimini Campus

Economia del Turismo (Economics of Tourism)

Economia dell'Impresa (Business Economics)

Finanza, Assicurazioni e Impresa (Finance, Insurance and Business)


Degree Programmes run by the School that also require the TOLC-E test together with the SAT:

Bologna Campus

-          Economics and Finance (also TOLC-I)

-          Scienze Statistiche, curr. Stats&Maths (also TOLC-I)

Forlì Campus

-          Economia e Commercio, curr. Management

Rimini Campus

-          Economia del Turismo, curr, International Tourism and Leisure Industries (TOLC- E and SAT tests are optional, but could be considered for the OFA requirements)