Vicepresidenza Rimini - Bando per 4 borse di studio iscrizione cdl ITALI 2018/2019

The School of Economics, Management and Statistics is offering 4 study grants (amount € 2.000 gross of all charges for the beneficiary's account), for students registering to the degree programme in Economics of Tourism –curriculum International Tourism and Leisure Industries, for A.Y. 2018-2019, as follows: 

  • 2 study grants for European students (Italian, European and equivalent status citizens), subdivided equally in intake A and intake B;
  •  2 study grants for international students (NON EU citizens), subdivided equally in intake A and intake B


Admission requirements are explained in the attached call for applications


  • Intake A - 9 April 2018
  • Intake B - 18 June 2018


More details in the news of the official website:

Tipologia Bandi per borse e premi di studio
Pubblicato il 27/02/2018
Scadenza Deadlines are explained in the call for applications
Protocollo 438



Call for applications

(.pdf 1666 KB)

The official document is in Italian


Abstract of the call for applcations

(.pdf 429 KB)

In English


Application form

(.docx 27 KB)



Risultati intake A/Results intake A

(.pdf 995 KB)


Risultati intake B/Results intake B

(.pdf 854 KB)